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A Unique, Authentic & Timeless decoration shop. What motivates us is to offer objects & create spaces with a soul. We are more and more pushed to consume, consume without real need and without restraint. As a result, heaps of objects invade our spaces & constantly pollute our environment.

We want to help you create spaces in which you feel good. Soothing spaces where life is good. Objects are there to embellish, they can also heal, but above all they must not make us feel guilty & even less encumber us.

To avoid this vicious circle, we think you have to buy timeless objects, objects that have a soul & that really look like you.

This is why, rather than giving in to ever-changing and fleeting fashion, with us you will only find timeless and inspiring objects. Rather than impersonal objects, we offer characterful and soothing objects. Instead of mass production, we have chosen to work with small artisans, but also to advocate the right to a second life for many objects.

Finally, we think it is more than urgent to connect with nature, to live simply while advocating sustainable creativity to live well.

If you also want to go in this direction, have a cup of tea, cross your feet and look for the object that will have real use and a real impact in your interior.

Carolle Amorrich

Inner Malachi